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Verifying Your Geegpay Account: Step-by-Step Guide
Verifying Your Geegpay Account: Step-by-Step Guide

Completing your KYC on Geegpay

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Ensuring the security and legitimacy of Geegpay accounts is of utmost importance. To verify your Geegpay account and gain access to its full features, follow these five simple steps:

Step 1: Email Verification

Upon signing up, you'll receive a 6-digit verification code via email. Copy the code and paste it into the provided field on the Geegpay website. Click "Verify Email" to complete this step.

Step 2: Proof of Address

To validate your address, submit a utility bill or bank statement with your current address, matching the information you provided during registration. Click on "Verify" after uploading the required document.

Step 3: Employment Details

For employed individuals, provide proof of employment from your employer. Freelancers can upload screenshots from Fiverr, Upwork, or YouTube, showcasing their work profiles. Fill out the necessary details and enter either your LinkedIn profile or your employer's LinkedIn profile link. Click "Verify" to proceed.

Step 4: Bank Information

Enter your bank details accurately and submit the information. This step is crucial for smooth transactions on the Geegpay platform.

Step 5: ID Verification

For the final step, you need to provide a valid identification document. Choose from the options of NIN (National Identification Number), International Passport, or Voters Card. Upload a clear and legible image of your chosen ID. Additionally, you'll be asked to take a selfie to confirm your identity. Smile for the camera and click "Verify" to complete the verification process.

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