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How to fund your USD virtual card with Naira
How to fund your USD virtual card with Naira

Easily fund your virtual USD card with Naira

Updated this week

Once you’ve successfully created your virtual dollar card, you’ll need to fund it to start performing transactions.

The minimum amount you can add at a time is $5, there is no maximum amount for funding. You can add funds directly within the app from any of your Geegpay virtual wallets including your NGN wallet.

Here’s how to fund your Geegpay card with Naira:

  • Tap "Cards" on the Dashboard in the Geegpay app

  • Select the card you want to fund

  • Tap "Add funds to card"

  • Tap the arrow to select your NGN wallet

  • Enter the amount you want to add and tap "Add funds"

  • Once funded, you can use their Geegpay virtual dollar card for payments.

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